American Bench Craft

Wilmington, United States
You know that group of friends that sits around at a bar talking about how cool it would be to own a business and work together every day. Then they go home at the end of the night, go to bed, and wake up the next morning forgetting everything they talked about. That group of friends was us...we just never woke up. At American Bench Craft, we are a team of brothers, family and friends that had talked about starting our own business since high school. After going our separate ways for several years, we returned home in 2014 to see it through, and we have been living the American Dream ever since…Okay that’s lie, for the first 3 years we worked 80 hours a week and made less than unpaid interns. However, what we did have, was a company where we could be creative, solve problems, and work with our hands. We made products we needed or wanted, and we tested them in the field with everyday use. Whether on our daily commute to the shop, a quick trip to the lake, or a trek along the southern coast of Iceland, our products get us outside living life and doing the stuff we love. We were our first “customers”. Then we sold to family and friends. Then they told their family and friends, and slowly the word spread. Before we knew it, we had a small company built off the support and word of mouth advertising of our loyal customers. Our products have been sold all over the world to customers ranging from urban professionals, to seasoned hunting guides, and everything in between. We are now and have always been so thankful for every customer that joins the American Bench Craft family.