Yo Soy Candle

Portland, United States
Yo Soy Candle is a handmade, eco-conscious, affirmation candle and apparel company based in Portland, Oregon, owned and operated by Leslie Abrams. INGREDIENTS: Our candles are hand poured in small batches using a creamy 100% certified kosher soy wax (contains no herbicides, pesticides or genetically modified materials), natural cotton wick, essential oil and high quality fragrance blends. Our products are free of phthalates, dyes, lead, parabens and provide a long, clean, eco-friendly burn. All materials are produced and grown in the U.S and sourced through small businesses.
WHAT MAKES YO SOY UNIQUE: Each beautiful scent is paired with it’s very own “I AM” statement to inspire a positive mindset + empower transformation by practicing the self loving ritual of I AM. CREATE AN "I AM" RITUAL: While you are experiencing the ambiance and aroma of your candle, allow yourself some time to focus on your I AM – breathing in and breathing out. Repeat throughout the day when you need a reminder. We invite you to use your I AM to reflect and create a daily ritual that will empower your thoughts and actions.